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SW DAO dApp Upgrades

Easier Navigation, Product Panels, and Portfolio Improvements

Jul 16 2022 - SW DAO

The SW DAO dApp has been upgraded with several new features, making it easier to navigate and understand the products offered. The home page has been updated with a more user-friendly layout, and the product panels make it easy to see the best performer, largest TVL, and newest product. Additionally, portfolio charts have been added to display how your portfolio has changed over time.

New Product & Category Panels

Here at SW DAO, we always strive to provide the best possible experience for our users. We know that when it comes to choosing products, it can be overwhelming to try and sort through everything available. We are excited to introduce our new 3-panel home page header. 

With this new feature, you can quickly and easily see our best 24-hour performer, our product with the largest TVL, and our newest product all in one place. This will allow you to make the best choices for your needs without getting overwhelmed by too much information. We are confident that this change will help our clients simply and efficiently discover our unique products.

In addition to our new product panels, we’ve also enlarged our product categories to emphasize the unique characteristics of each one.

For example, in the “All” category, you’ll find various products to help you grow your portfolio through every product we offer. In the “Strategies” category, you’ll find products that provide unique methods, both discretionary and automated, of outperforming Spot holdings. And in the “Yield” category, you’ll find products specifically designed to help you maximize your profits most safely and stably possible.

We’ve brought these unique qualifiers forward and added a fun, colorful flair to make the current selection easier to determine at a glance.

Portfolio Charts

Our portfolio page now includes charts that allow users to visually view their SW DAO portfolio across time frames from 1 day to 1 year. This helps users track their progress and see how their investment performs over time.

The charts are easy to use and understand and provide valuable insights into one's own SW DAO portfolio performance.

We believe these new features will be a valuable tool for our users, and we are committed to continually improving our products and services to meet the needs of our community.

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