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How To Buy SWD on Polygon via Matcha & MetaMask

Easily buy SW DAO token (SWD) on Polygon via MetaMask, and Matcha.

Jan 17 2022 - SW DAO

Here is an exact step-by-step walk-through on how to use MetaMask & to purchase SW DAO tokens (SWD) on your Polygon wallet.

1) Ensure Your MetaMask Wallet Is Connected To Polygon — Follow These Steps If You Don’t See The Option

2) Head Over To

3) Click The User Profile Icon On The Top Right Corner — This Will Load Up The Following Menu — Click “Connect Wallet”

4) Select Your Wallet Of Choice — We Are Using MetaMask In This Example

5) Click “Next” On The MetaMask Prompt To Connect With MetaMask

6) Hit “Connect” To Confirm The Connection

7) The Top Right Of Page Will Now Show The Connected Wallet (Notice MetaMask Fox)

8) Next Search For The SWD Polygon Contract 0xaeE24d5296444c007a532696aaDa9dE5cE6caFD0

9) Here’s The Proper SW DAO (SWD) Matcha Page

10) Check That Polygon Is Selected

11) Now You Can Input Your Exchange Currency — Here We Are Trading 50 USDC for ~6 SWD

12) Now Approve The Use Of USDC — Click “Approve My USDC”

13) Click “Confirm” On MetaMask

14) As This Approval Is Pending Confirmation You Will See “Activating ____”

15) Now Click “Place Order” After The Prior Approval Has Occurred

16) Now “Confirm” The Actual Trade Of Assets For SWD Tokens In MetaMask

17) You Will See A Brief “Transaction on Chain” Overlay Once You Have Submitted The DEX Trade

18) Once The Trade Has Completed It Will Now Say “Success!” — Congrats You Now Own SWD On Polygon

19) Our Matcha Trade Looked Like This — Your’s May Look Very Different Depending How The Trade Is Routed

20) Notice SWD Token Is Missing? Click “Import Tokens” Down Below

21) Add SWD Polygon Contract Address 0xaeE24d5296444c007a532696aaDa9dE5cE6caFD0

22) Once You Click “Add Custom Token” Your New Polygon SWD Tokens Will Appear

What Is The SWD Token?

SWD is the SW DAO’s native ERC-20 token that aligns the DAO with its holders, enabling community-led ownership and governance. SWD is also a productive asset in that holders will be airdropped a portion of the revenue generated by the SW DAO product line every month.

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