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How to Buy SW Yield Fund on Polygon via MetaMask

Easily buy SW Yield Fund on Polygon via MetaMask.

Jan 13 2022 - SW DAO

Here is an exact step-by-step walk-through on how to use MetaMask to Buy SW Yield Fund (SWYF) on your Polygon wallet.

1) Ensure Your MetaMask Wallet Is Connected To Polygon — Follow These Steps If You Don’t See The Option

2) Head Over To Uniswap

3) Change The Network To Polygon

4) Click “Connect Wallet”

5) Connect With MetaMask — Click “Next”

6) Click “Confirm”

7) Copy and Paste SWYF Contract 0xdc8d88d9e57cc7be548f76e5e413c4838f953018

8) Click “Import” for SW DAO Yield Fund

9) Now Choose Your Trading Pair Against SWYF

10) Here We Are Swapping ~50 USDC for SWYF — Click “Allow the Uniswap Protocol…”

11) Click “Confirm” on Permission Access

12) This “1 Pending” Should Show Up In The Uniswap Toolbar

13) It Will Automatically Change to “Approve USDC” When Completed

14) Notice The “Allow The Protocol…” Button Has Changed to “Swap” — Now Click “Swap”

15) Click “Confirm Swap”

16) Confirm The SWYF Trade in Your MetaMask

17) Your Trade to Buy SWYF Has Now Been Submitted

18) This Confirmation Will Appear on Uniswap

19) Now Click on “Add SWYF to Metamask”

20) Now Your SWYF Is Labeled In MetaMask

21) Enjoy the profits!

What is the SW Yield Fund (SWYF)?

The SW Yield Fund is an intelligently managed portfolio that seeks to capitalize on the DeFi industries increasing prevalence of “Yield Farming”.

SWYF seeks a target return of 80% APY — net of fees — by scanning a wide variety of Yield Farms and intelligently allocating across them to mitigate risk while maximizing return. The goal of SWYF is to take full advantage of the interest payments Yield Farms generate while preventing the risk of ruin.

Why Use SWYF?

Yield Farming can be time-consuming. From researching new projects, examining their smart contracts, or just watching the charts — this takes valuable time out of your day. Rug pulls and Impermanent Loss creates an environment where all your hard work can leave you breaking even at best, or losing money at worst.

Our team, in collaboration with our AI system, works around the clock to find the best balance of yield and capital safety by monitoring charts, checking contracts, and doing research on your behalf.

With our Machine Learning overlay combined with our expert quantitative analysts, we are able to move your hard-earned capital around in ways that maximize yield efficiency and mitigate risk, all while you go about your day.

Risk Management

  • Maximum of 25% to any single DeFi protocol
  • Maximum directional market exposure of 25% with target of 0%
  • Protocol insurance through Nexus Mutual and InsurAce when available

All protocols that SWYF is providing liquidity for are investigated and code-reviewed by a team of DeFi developers and quantitative analysts.

Self Custody

SWYF is a self-custody platform that allows you to manage your funds in a secure and safe way. You can choose to hold your funds in a vault, or you can choose to hold your funds in a smart contract.

Since all assets are held in self-custody by the user, there is no potential for SW DAO to “rug pull” the collateral that you have allocated into the SWYF asset pool.


  • Performance fee: 30%
  • Management fee: 0%

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