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How to Buy SW Alpha Portfolio on Polygon via MetaMask

Easily buy SW Alpha Portfolio on Polygon via MetaMask.

Jan 13 2022 - SW DAO

Here is an exact step-by-step walk-through on how to use MetaMask to Buy(issue) SW Alpha Portfolio(SWAP) on your Polygon wallet.

1) Ensure Your MetaMask Wallet Is Connected To Polygon — Follow These Steps If You Don’t See The Option

2) Head Over to TokenSets SWAP Page — And Click “Buy”

3) Click “Metamask”

4) Approve The Connection to Polygon — Click “Next”

5) Now Click “Connect”

6) You Will See This Screen

7) You Can Purchase SWAP With USDT, WBTC, WETH, USDC, or DAI

8) Today We Are Buying .5 SWAP for ~50 USDC — Click The “Approve Your USDC For Trading” Button

9) Confirm This Approval on Polygon

10) You Will See This “Successful” Pop-Up on The Bottom Left of TokenSets Screen

11) The Previous “Approve Your USDC For Trading” Button Now Says “Preview”-Click This “Preview” Button

12) Now Click The “Buy” Button

13) Now Confirm The Transaction on MetaMask

14) You Will See This “Order is Processing” Pop-Up

15) Which Will Change To A “Completed” Pop-Up When Finished

16) To Add SWAP To MetaMask — Click “Import Tokens”

17) Add Custom Token Contract Address 0x25ad32265c9354c29e145c902ae876f6b69806f2

18) Choose To “Import Tokens”

19) Now Your SWAP Is Labeled In MetaMask

20) Enjoy the profits!

What is the SW Alpha Portfolio (SWAP)?

The SW Alpha Portfolio (SWAP) is our flagship strategy, leveraging both human intuition and machine-learning. Our automated systems are monitoring and evaluating movement in the crypto markets 24/7 and generate signals for our traders to act on.Capable of profiting in both Bull and Bear environments, this portfolio has historically outperformed ETH by a factor of ~1.4x.

What Exposure Will SWAP Have?

SWAP has the ability to allocate capital to any asset available on leading DEXs. This wide range of assets allows SWAP to invest early on in hot thematic trends via assets that have yet to be listed on CEXs, or in projects that are still up-and-coming. SWAP will additionally be able to fine-tune market exposure through the use of options, or leveraged positions, including shorts.

Our Investment Process

Analysis of various crypto datasets, ranging from market, blockchain, and sentiment to fundamental data Development of a diverse set of short and long-term, alpha-generating strategies backed by machine learning as well as proprietary quantitative models Live test of strategies and selection of best performers through proven risk metrics Synthesis of strategies to a balanced portfolio with an additional AI-based portfolio and risk management layer

How Is SWAP Price Calculated?

SWAP is a token that represents the performance of this managed portfolio. As SWAP represents a basket of underlying spot-held assets, the token price will be affected by movements in the underlying assets. However, since our strategies may include options or leveraged positions for hedging against downside or shorting the market, SWAP will also move independently of and historically outperforms a benchmark asset like ETH or BTC.

Self Custody

Since all assets are held in self-custody by the user, there is no potential for SW DAO to ‘rug pull’ the collateral that you have allocated into the SWAP asset pool.


  • Performance Fee: 0%

  • Management Fee: 2.95%

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