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dApp Experience Update

What’s Changed Since June 14th?

Jul 25 2022 - SW DAO

Since our last change log on June 14th, we’ve made many minor and significant changes to the SW DAO dApp experience. You can learn more about each specific change here. This post will give you a brief overview of some of the most notable changes. Most notably, we’ve upgraded our user interface and added new features!

June 12th — 18th

  • Weekly/Monthly Charts — June 14th

Weekly and monthly charts now use live 0x data rather than relying on the broken backend. The accuracy of these charts is now greatly improved.

  • Dynamic % Change Field — June 15th

The 24hr change field has been changed to a dynamic one, which gives the percent change over the selected period. Applies to both the product list and individual product pages.

  • Product Rebalance Notifications — June 16th

Rebalance notifications are now provided through Discord and Telegram.

June 19th — 25th

  • Automatic Oracle Pricing — June 21st

QME’s on-chain oracle is now adjusted automatically.

  • Balancer Pool Initialized — June 23rd

The SW DAO’s custom liquidity pool is now online, and the bulk of our SWD liquidity is priced against the basket of assets set in SWIP-07.

  • Bond Issuance Module Initialized — June 23rd

A smart contract is now online, ready for when the SW DAO bonds program begins. It’s been filled with the 60,000 SWD set aside in SWIP-07.

  • Portfolio Page

A great deal of the work on the new dApp portfolio page was done this week.

June 26th — July 2nd

  • Portfolio Page — June 27th

The final work completed on the portfolio page is now included in the dApp.

  • Various UI and Backend Enhancements

This week, many minor changes were made, both behind the scenes and in the interface, aiming to improve the dApp user experience.

July 3rd — 9th

  • Brought Back the “All” Filter — July 3rd

Previous improvements to the speed, and stability of the dApp, allowed for the return of the “All” filter on the products page, which displays all SW DAO products/tokens on a single screen.

  • Shut Down Old Backend — July 7th

The remaining sections of the dApp which used the old backend were removed in favor of on-chain sources. The old backend was sub-functional and often fed poor data to our dApp, and sometimes no data. Shutting down these servers saves the DAO a great deal on hosting and data retrieval costs.

  • Various UI Enhancements

This week, a plethora of minor changes were made to fix bugs and improve the UI.

July 10th — 16th

  • Fixed Product Sorting — July 14th

Products can now be appropriately sorted by their “percent change” for any given period.

  • Suggestion Cards & Various Other Enhancements

Extra focus was given this week to improving the stability, usability, and responsiveness of the dApp.

The front page was partially redesigned to offer a more straightforward path for users encountering our products for the first time.

July 17th — 23rd

  • 0x Multi-Threading — July 21st

Our custom 0x API is now multi-threaded — improving load times across the dApp, and preparing our backend for white labels.

  • Chart Fixes & Various Other Enhancements

Extra focus was given this week to improving the stability, usability, and responsiveness of the dApp.

Charts now render correctly when there are no price changes during a period.

Charts no longer cut off the first data point in a graph.

Here at SW DAO, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible with our community. That’s why we’ve decided to start publishing a weekly change log, so our users can stay up-to-date on all the latest changes to our dApp. This change log will be published every Sunday, including a list of all the changes made in the past week. We hope this will help keep our community informed and engaged, and we look forward to continuing working together to build the best dApp possible. Thank you for your continued support!

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