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Quantitative Crypto Asset Investing

Run a fully automated investment fund at the touch of a button.


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Our Products

SW DAO offers a variety of structured investment products that allow both retail and institutional investors to fine tune their crypto market exposure.


Diversify and manage your risk by investing in one of our index funds. Each represents a basket of crypto assets that is rebalanced regularly based on market conditions to maximize your return.

Yield Generation

Take the stress out of yield farming by letting us do all the research. We provide fully hedged, risk managed, round-the-clock passive income.

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Purchase 1 or more SWD tokens on any Polygon DEX.


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Our Approach

We invest in crypto assets with a systemic approach, based on quantitative methods and cutting-edge machine learning.

Machine Learning

Everyday our algorithms process terabytes of data, ranging from market data, social media posts to activity on the blockchain - all with the goal of finding patterns and correlations which let our algorithms classify the direction of the market, volatility, and risk. Based on the outputs of our systems we model behaviours and develop alpha-generating strategies which will be evaluated using a scientific approach.

Quant Finance 2.0

Quantitative investing has taken over the world of finance. While these methods have worked for decades, it is time for a more modern approach to quant finance. We combine traditional statistical and quantitative methods with findings from leading research in machine learning to develop systems which derive the best of worlds: A solid statistical backbone as well as adaptivity.

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